Family members are interconnected like a web and can influence each other in profound ways. Research has shown that when difficulties arise within family structures, family therapy can be effective in establishing roles, boundaries, and healthy communication skills. At CGCMFT, I will work with you and your family system to strengthen the structure and fluidity of your family so you are better equipped to help one another in promoting healing.

When stress enters a family system, such as marriage or death, the family system formulates a homeostasis (a hallmark of general systems theory, GST) to adapt to the internal or external stress. In the midst of this change the family system does its best to adapt, but sometimes old patterns like alcoholism, depression, anger, and more begins to resurface. If these patterns no longer serve the family homeostasis, the family system may need an alternative way out of their cycle in order heal.

Thus, with a background in GST, I will help you recognize the purpose of your homeostasis, the narrative your family system has formulated, and the kind of change you seek in order for your family system to move forward. Louis Cozolino, an attachment scientist said, "We are not the survival of the fittest, we are the survival of the nurtured. As a result, you are not alone. We are interconnected. I look forward to untangling with you so you can deconstruct what you seek to change in your family system.