Research has shown that when difficulties arise within family structures, family therapy can be highly effective in establishing roles, boundaries, and healthy communication skills. At CGCMFT, Dr. Sahar provides family therapy to help strengthen the structure and fluidity of your family system, enabling you to better support one another and promote healing.

When stress enters a family system, such as through marriage or death, the family formulates a homeostasis - a hallmark of General Systems Theory (GST) - to adapt to the internal or external stress. While the family does its best to adapt, old patterns such as alcoholism, depression, or anger may resurface, which no longer serve the family's homeostasis. In such cases, the family may need an alternative way out of their cycle in order to heal.

With a background in GST, Dr. Sahar helps families recognize the purpose of their homeostasis, the narrative their family system has formulated, and the kind of change needed to move forward. By actively engaging in family therapy, family members learn to build compassion for one another's perspectives, actively listen, validate, empathize, be present, and ask for what they want from one another.

By seeking family therapy, you are taking a vital step in establishing a stronger, healthier family system. Dr. Sahar looks forward to helping you untangle the complexities of your family system and guide you towards positive, meaningful change.