A common ground

Welcome to Common Ground Counseling, where your journey of self-discovery and personal growth begins. Each day adds a chapter to your life story, influenced by your personal history, culture, family values, and education, weaving the unique tapestry of your identity.

Our emotions, stemming from daily experiences, are vital for self-awareness. They guide us through our beliefs, sometimes becoming barriers to happiness and success if not carefully examined. Here, we'll unravel these emotions and beliefs, exploring the narratives shaping your life, often unnoticed.

My approach is anchored in inclusivity, empathy, and unwavering support, respecting every aspect of your background and identity. In our safe, accepting space, we'll value and acknowledge every part of you.

Specializing in individual, couple, and family counseling, I adopt a systemic perspective, viewing relationships as interconnected systems. We'll explore these dynamics, understanding how each individual's story intertwines with others.

I employ an eclectic, evidence-based methodology, combining various therapeutic techniques to create a unique path tailored to your individual, couple, or family needs. This personalization ensures therapy is as distinct as you are, catering to your specific goals.

At Common Ground Counseling, we build our relationship on effective communication, shared commitment to your aspirations, and the belief in the healing power of connections. Whether addressing personal challenges or enhancing relationships, my focus is guiding you through life's complexities. I look forward to meeting you at Common Ground Counseling.

Please set up a consultation call with me if this is what you’re looking for out of therapy.