Disruptive Event Consultant

Research indicates that providing immediate support to employees and their families after disruptive workplace events is crucial for promoting their well-being and recovery. That's why interventions such as onsite counseling are essential in addressing these events in an organization. Different individuals may be impacted differently by such events, but it is usually those closest to the event who are most affected. Thus, it is crucial to normalize their intense reactions and provide them with a safe space to process the event, which can lay the foundation for their recovery and help them move forward positively.

In promoting healing, it is also essential to empower employees by directing them towards their own sources of resilience and support. Such sources include their natural support systems and physical resources like sleep, food, water, and exercise. By guiding employees towards these resources, they can be empowered to return to a sense of normalcy and begin their journey towards healing.

Dr. Sahar is committed to working with the management team of any organization to find solutions and address these events. Together, they can ensure that employees and families affected by disruptive workplace events receive the support they need to promote their well-being and recovery. Dr. Sahar understands that these events are unique to each organization and is dedicated to finding solutions that work best for the individuals involved.