General Systems Theory has an interdisciplinary framework of wholeness, parts, patterns, and an organizational phenomena that can be understood through a process of inquiry; challenging the way you identify with concepts and meaning (Bertalanffy, 1968, p. 24). I use an eclectic systems approach to address a merit of challenges in your relational system, including communication problems, infidelity, security, family of origin issues, intimacy, love, loss, and more to help foster a paradigm shift in your relational narrative.

Research shows that early attachment years shape our adult-romantic-relationships (Mikulincer & Goodman, 2006). Thus, at CGCMFT, I will assess the strengths and challenges of your relational system through a series of questions to understand your attachment needs. Next, we will locate old cycles by sharpening your communication skills and by improving your emotional and mental intimacy with your partner.

Speaking from the heart will be key. This encourages vulnerability and authenticity. Rollo May described this human connection as knowing yourself through other people. Hence, my role is to guide each partner to witness this othering in their relational system to better understand their partners story-line.

Couples will learn to build compassion for their partners narrative by listening, validating, empathizing, being curiously present and by asking for what they want from one another. At CGCMFT, my practice is open to all couples, including those in polyamory and non-monogamous relationships. As a result, I look forward to guiding you towards your connection with your partner.