As a Systemic Therapist, I believe it is my professional responsibility to promote social awareness through collaboration and community outreach. Our behaviors and social interactions are influenced (systemically) by our gender, families, schools, culture, socioeconomic status and political affiliations. Who we are is a reflection of a larger system. Thus, healthy communities promote healthy individuals. The following is a sample of my commitment to a a larger system:

RESULTS Volunteer Advocating for health and education in the poorest communities.

NYC Medical Reserve Corps Mental health first responder within the Office of Emergency Preparedness and Response in New York City.

Mental Health Advocacy Continuously advocating for behavioral health by challenging negative stigma associated with mental health.

Honorary Citation by the Office of the President The Office of the President of the Borough of Brooklyn presented an honorary recognition to Dr. Sahar Khoshakhlagh (Dr. K) for her assistance in the implementation of Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) within the behavioral health community (Institute for Community Living).

Rallying for Better Crisis Interventions Spoke at a rally to promote Crisis Intervention Teams to help the NYPD better respond to the “more than 100,000 emotionally distressed person (EDP) calls that they receive annually.”

Honorary Recognition by the NYPD Dr. K was recognized by the NYPD for her assistance to train NYC Police Officers to effectively interact with individuals with behavioral health challenges

Survivors of Gun Violence: SHOT by Kathy Shorr photographed survivors of gun violence. Her book portrays 101 survivors, aged 8 to 80, from different racial backgrounds and communities within the United States. Most survivors were photographed at the location of violence. Dr. K is one of the 101 survivors.

CCIT Press Conference Rallies Support for Passage of Essential Legislation: Sahar joined Senator Parker in support of the legislative bill that would require crisis teams in NYC.

Woman Shot By NYPD Pens Letter to Mayor Supporting CCIT: Sahar's interview on ABC here, and her letter to Mayor De Blasio and Commissioner Bratton.

Building Communities through Community awareness