A common ground

Our sense of self is derived from daily experiences, and also from our history, culture, education, and the influence of our parents. Experiences are formed through the activation of our biological sensory systems. Sensations are processed by our minds, and our thoughts about them produce an array of emotions. These emotions color the impressions which, taken together, define our truths about life.

If you're not aware of your belief system, your thoughts and emotions will wear you down, just like a badly coded app will wear down a smartphone battery. My background in systems theory has enabled me to change the pattern of our stories, by identifying the details of our beliefs.The ability to recognize thoughts and emotions, and the freedom to create and choose beliefs, are what I want to give you.

Recognition of feelings is important to self-awareness because feelings are clues to our thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs. I don't encourage alternate interpretations of feelings—rather, I ask process questions to promote awareness. For example, I might ask you what you think about your pain, rather how you feel about your pain. My goals are always the same regardless of symptom, religion, culture or gender.

As a systems therapist, I am free to meet you where you are. I listen, validate, empathize, and provide compassion so you can pass the barriers that hold you back from living up to your potential. My goal is to increase your degree of self-recognition and improve the quality of your relational systems. I do this by helping you understand your patterns and habits, then empowering you to ask for what you want. Deliberate, effective communication, and commitment to your vision, become the foundation of our work together at Common Ground Counseling.

My mission is to provide you with the highest quality of psychotherapy services so you can address your challenges. I intend to support you not strictly as an individual, but as a person in the context of your relationships. I do this because healing takes place within our relational systems; including your therapeutic relationship with me.